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Art is integrated across the curriculum with a variety of media. On the fourth Thursday of every month, 
Mrs. Bonney leads an art appreciation class.

Computers is taught Tuesday afternoons with Mrs. Harris. Third grade will learn standard keyboarding skills, software program highlights, and work on cross curriculum projects using PowerPoint, Word, Kids Pix, Excel, and an Internet graphing program. Continual work on Mathletics will also enhance crucial Math concepts as well.

MUSIC Music is taught on Thursday and Friday afternoon by
Mrs. Drouillard.

P.E. is taught on Tuesday and Thursday mornings and Wednesday afternoon by Mrs. Cirelli and Miss Hurley.

Spanish is taught on Monday and Wednesday by Mrs. Hernandez.

The main goal for primary students is that they communicate effectively. The emphasis will be on what a student can do with the Spanish that he or she knows. For example, the recognition of Spanish nouns is an important curriculum goal for all grades;however, the communicative goal is that students ask or answer questions or form sentences with nouns. Some years the word recognition may be oral recognition, building with reading and writing the following years. Students will build a vocabulary that will enhance their abilities and provide a smooth transition to the curriculum used in the Ya Veras! Gold book that is begun in the sixth grade.

Third Grade will learn:
    Parts of the body
    Recycling of second grade material

Curriculum Materials: Props, Flash cards, Games, Worksheets, and Music
Methods: Total Physical Response, Oral Questions and Answers, Reading and Writing

Please do not hesitate to contact Ms. Hernandez if you have any questions.