Behavior Expectations

As a class, we brainstorm what rules will keep us safe and help us learn. The rules and consequences are to help each student to be responsible with their behavior. Throughout the day, students make certain choices and their choices come with certain consequences.

After being warned about a behavior that is affecting the learning or social environment, a student will earn a yellow sticky. If a student earns several yellow stickies for the same behavior, the student will then fill out a worksheet called My Action Plan and it will be sent home to be discussed and signed. My goal is to work with the student to better self-monitor themselves. Some behaviors may require to fill out My Action Plan without a yellow sticky warning.

A conduct referral is given for behavior that does not demonstrate respect for authority and behavior that affects the well-being of other children.The conduct referral is sent home on the day the behavior has taken place and on the referral there are recommended consequences, including detention. For third grade, detention is 30 minutes.

On the work envelopes, it will be noted if the student received a yellow sticky during the week. During the week, if the student does not earn a yellow sticky, My Action Plan worksheet or a conduct referral, then the student will earn a certificate to acknowledge their efforts. The certificate will be placed in the weekly work envelopes.

Please review the discipline plan in the Parent Handbook with your child. I will go over the school discipline plan with the students in class but it is also important for the students to hear it from you.