Classroom Procedures

There will be an average of 30-45 minutes of homework Monday through Thursday. On Monday, the students will receive a homework sheet. Students are responsible in recording their homework at the end of the day.
If assignments are not completed during class time, they are expected to be completed at home in addition to the daily homework assignment.

Pretests always need a parent's signature. The signature communicates that you have gone over the pretests with your child and reviewed areas of concern.

Each Tuesday an envelope will be sent home with papers and tests your child has completed during the week. Please take time to review and discuss these papers with your child. Then date and sign the form on your child's envelope, keep the papers, and return the empty envelope by Wednesday.

A student who has been absent is required to present a note stating the date of the absence and the reason for his/her absence This can be sent in writing or by email. When your child is absent please notify the school office by 9:00 a.m.

Homework will be placed in the hallway when requested by 9:00 a.m. After 3:00 p.m. assignments may be picked from the table outside the office that day. Your child will have as many days to complete his work as was absent.
For medical absences, a doctor's note is needed to excuse the absence.

If a child frequently turns in late assignments and or does not do the assignments, parents will be notified. Late work will receive a lower grade and will eventually affect grades on the report cards.

Selected field trips are planned throughout the year
to enrich our curriculum. Parents will be notified of dates. School policy does not allow nonregistered children to attend field trips.

Please pay by check made out to Scholastic Book Clubs. NO CASH PLEASE!

Please bring forgotten or late lunches to table outside the office, not to the classroom.

On a monthly basis, students who are celebrating their birthday for that month will have an opportunity to wear free dress. You will be informed on the date through the school monthly calendars. On that date, birthday treats are
welcome, but parents will need to coordinate one birthday treat with other parents whose children share the same birthday month. Please inform Mrs. Millette about the birthday treats.